James Bailey MA PPD UKCP.reg

Psychotherapy - Coaching - Mental Health First Aid Training

London / Sevenoaks / Tonbridge

Your relationship with your 'world' forms an essential part of being the person you are; be that with partners, family, friends or in your career, and experiencing mental ill-health can be hugely disruptive to just living normally.

It may also be that how you are is related to and influenced by past experiences, and in therapy with me we would focus on what happens 'here and now', looking for creative alternatives to . Such investigation can be challenging, but immensely rewarding, and with curiosity you will begin to develop a greater sense of how you want to be, helping you find the most effective way to support yourself moving forward.​

and a key part of our therapeutic focus will be to pay particular attention to how you meet and engage with others, leading the focus of our work to your awareness to ‘you’.

We may also focus on your pattern and style of being;  how you perceive and participate with your wider world.

In our therapy, with time, you will:

  • gain insights that develop your understanding of your ‘self’
  • find what motivates and drives you
  • develop insight into your involvement for the choices you make
  • learn to see and relate to others in a new way
  • advance how you can empower yourself
  • renew your personal power and authority

We will explore your attitudes, behaviours, aspirations and wants, helping you find the tools necessary to continually organise your life to find the most rewarding way to live. 

 Tel: 07753 904 437 

Sessions fees are £60 for 50 minutes and I offer appointments from Monday to Friday, including evenings.

I am an approved provider with Cigna Health, Aviva and Vitality Health.

​To find out more about the benefits of Psychotherapy and Counselling and to arrange an introductory meeting,

call me on:
07753 904437

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