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Psychotherapy - Coaching - Mental Health First Aid Training

London / Sevenoaks / Tonbridge

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“if we always do what we always did, we'll always get what we always got”

We often overlook the perceptions we hold; the way we see the world around us and how we engage with others. Our views become entrenched, not available for review, and as a result our lives can revolve around fixed patterns that can be ineffective and limiting.

With Personal Development Coaching you’ll begin to examine your perceptions and patterns; improving your understanding of how you participate in and with your surroundings, your-self, and others.​

My coaching approach is based on a single premise that we inherently want to live our lives in the most fruitful, enjoyable and authentic way possible; be that at work, in relationships, raising children or playing sport.

Our efforts will focus on you:

  • seeking clarity on ‘what you want’
  • outlining a way to meet those needs
  • creating objectives to help you meet your aspirations

My interest will be in you and how you support yourself in arriving at a clearer view of yourself and your path; one which is genuinely relevant and rewarding for you.

Our sessions will combine:

  • 'self limiting' behaviour investigation
  • needs and want analysis
  • opposite process testing
  • creative inter-self dialogue
  • objective and goal formulation

​How this happens can be enlivening and exciting, sometimes unexpected, but I work with the notion that when you experience a moment of genuine insight, the choices available allow you to take control.