I'm an MHFA Instructor and deliver their courses in a variety of settings with various businesses, local authorities and charities.

I am certified to deliver MHFA's:

Two Day Mental Health First Aid course

MHFA One Day Champions

Half Day Aware course

As an overall guide, MHFA training courses can be likened to standard First Aid courses, yet specifically designed to train mental health first aiders who can be called upon to support people experiencing distressing moments. These MHFA'ers can be champions for the business in the area of well-being, supporting existing initiatives, and also inspire a culture of openness.

Ultimately their aim as a mental health first aider is to offer early support and help: not to be the emergency services, a psychiatrist or therapist.

MHFA England are the English arm of a global organisation that has a primary mission to widen awareness of mental health issues, develop organisational in-house support mechanisms, as well encouraging greater acceptance of mental illness and decreasing stigma: https://mhfaengland.org/

Training workshops allow individuals the learns how to:

  • Spot the early signs of a mental health problem
  • Develop confidence in helping someone experiencing a problem
  • Help prevent someone hurting themselves
  • Learn how to stop mental ill health from getting worse
  • Help someone recover faster
  • Offer guidance to find the right support
  • Help reduce social stigma around mental health problems

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