James Bailey MA PPD UKCP.reg

Psychotherapy - Coaching - Mental Health First Aid Training

London / Sevenoaks / Tonbridge

It is very normal to have difficulties and challenges in life: everyone does.

  • Experiencing unhappy and unfulfilling jobs or relationships
  • Feeling depressed or dulled, with life feeling cumbersome and painful
  • Dulling yourself, feeling alone and bereft of enjoyment
  • Suffering fear and being scared of the world, or so anxious you feel stuck
  • Facing confusion and not knowing how to be

Are all examples of how you might be, yet these challenges are a good thing. They are wake up calls that you might not be satisified with who you are and that you are trying to improve your every day life. Pain tells us that something is out of tune, lines are crossed or we're on the wrong tracks.

These encounters tells us it is time to start our search for balance, attunement and greater self awareness.

I work with people experiencing

​​​As a qualified and UKCP accredited therapist, I provide Psychotherapy and Counselling in London's West End, and in Kent, working with individuals who are experiencing difficulties which adversely impacts how they live.

I practice from comfortable and friendly consulting rooms on Regent Street, very close to Soho, Oxford Circus and Piccadilly tube stations, as well as both Sevenoaks and Tonbridge, in Kent.

My aim is to help you develop your personal awareness in the hope that with better self knowledge you will be able overcome your difficulties, enabling you to enrich and perfect your capacity for personal happiness.

I will help you gain clarity on the troubles you face, through either short term focused counselling, or longer term deep-rooted therapy work.

Our sessions offer a time and space where you are able to safely share the concerns you have, and the challenges you encounter; my role is to support you with your endeavours and​ I have experience with:

 Tel: 07753 904 437 

​​​Stress and Anxiety:

Panic, worry, inability to cope, feeling overwhelmed, anger outbursts

Sadness, guilt, mood swings, feelings of helplessness, avoiding people, isolation
Relationship Difficulties:

Separation, break-ups, loneliness, self destructive behaviour
Personality Disorders:

General Anxiety Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder

Abuse, neglect, family loss
Reduced self-respect, lost personal pride, low self-confidence
Career Worries:

Feeling stuck in your job, office politics, getting ahead at work, dealing with pressure and stress

Sessions fees are £70 (London) £60 (Kent) for 60 minutes and I offer appointments from

Monday to Friday, including evenings and Saturday morning

I am an approved provider with Cigna Health, Aviva and Vitality Health.

​To find out more about the benefits of Psychotherapy and Counselling and to arrange an introductory meeting,

call me on:

07753 904437

email me at: